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From their point of view

They give us unconditional love and support. And we want to give back by understanding their needs and treating them with respect to their nature.

A page where you find out that

Almo Nature

was founded to change the approach to feeding our companion animals

The quality of the ingredients is the key, like for us. This a thought that was driving the ideas of Pier Giovanni Capellino, the founder of Almo Nature.

Observing his dogs while they were eating a good piece of meat PG saw they are more happy, energetic. And it was definitely not the same reaction as when he was feeding them with industrial petfood available at the time.

So he decided to find a way to develop a pet food that could be created with the same attitude and source as for humans. Like he was going to the butcher and selecting the ingriedeint — a solution for the people who have not so much time for this due to their busy life.

from his point of view

The fact that I can look at things “from their point of view” is thanks to my cats Shabbat and Chocolat, and dogs Shang, “Dottor Salento” and Yanga. Especially Dottor Salento, who was always by my side at work and otherwise — he is the one who first inspired our philosophy, and then the products, with his attitude and gestures. He was the mind… I just gave his ideas a voice.

Pier Giovanni

the founder

became the first company in the world to create HFC food for animals

We have challenged ourselves to create the totally new superior pet food product — ration, that will exceed expectations of owners and their pets, will be surprisingly better in taste and quality.

This is how we came to a point where Almo Nature introduced a wet pet food line that entirely consists out of ingredients originally fit for human consumption (HFC) and now used in our food for cats and dogs.

  • Best possible quality of wet food for animals on the market

  • Simply cooked in broth or using an in-pouch bain-marie method, ideal for hydration

  • The animals used for our recipes are farmed with complete respect for their well-being.


The first step in treating animals differently is caring about their health and emotional state. We select the best ingredients to meet animal needs in essential nutrients, energy and taste.

Valentina VIgorito

Research&Development expert

Created the — a first HFC kibble on the pet food market

We came up with the idea of generating kibble (dry food) — a complete meal using only fresh meat or fish, originaly fit for human consumtion.


It’s full of meat

up to 170 g

of fresh HFC meat

A slow cooking process preserves the essential nutrients

100 g

of kibble

Alternative for cats Alternative for dogs

  • 1 - The idea to convert shelters into a temporary refuge where every animal meets its companion is amazing... This is how a quotation from one of the people interested in the project could start. This is a place for actual feedback with suggestions and ideas from the followers. This is how a quotation from one of the people interested in the project could start.

    Marzia Gentile dog companion

  • 2 - The idea to convert shelters into a temporary refuge where every animal meets its companion is amazing... This is how a quotation from one of the people interested in the project could start. This is a place for actual feedback with suggestions and ideas from the followers.

    Marzia Gentile dog companion

  • 3 - The idea to convert shelters into a temporary refuge where every animal meets its companion is amazing...

    Marzia Gentile dog companion

absolute innovation

It took six years to research and develop this kibble and the process around it, starting with the selection of ingredients that respected their nature, their needs and their health. This was an innovation. Whenever I see a cat or dog eager to eat Alternative, I feel happy of the work we've done for them.

Benedetta Giannini

Veterinarian and Nutritional expert

learned the approach considering all companion animal needs

Total care can be easy. With this thought we created a new complete product. Its holistic composition considers all pets’ nutritional needs, with fresh meat as a first ingredient.

  • Digestive help
  • Kitten
  • Maintenance
  • Sterilised
  • Urinary help
  • Anti-Hairball

complete nutrition

great taste of fresh meat

Holistic for cats Holistic for dogs

fresh meat as a
#1 component


There are lots of things to consider when you are trying to find a food for your companion animal keeping in mind all of his specific needs. Our main goal is to provide every cat and dog with total care and make it easy.

Alessandro Gori

Reseatch&Development expert

only 500G per week

went ahead of ourselves to create the most natural litter for cats

After a thorough research we’ve found out a perfect source for eco-friendly and convinient litter for cats: a specific combination of vegetable fiber. It has the most natural feeling and it shows great results in terms of safety, performance and economy.
  • Eliminates smells

  • Absorbent and clean

  • Safe, natural and non-toxic

  • No chemical components. Not even a bit.

Go for Catlitter

Our giveback

started to support animal shelters with food and adoption support on a regular basis

Since YEAR we help European reception and rescue centers by providing the meals for dogs and cats in emergency situations. Every year Almo Nature donates about 1 mln packs of food.

  • 0

    shelters supported by Almo Nature already

  • 0

    cats and dogs got food support

  • 1000

    packs of food donated since 2016

More about the project

Our support story

We started with donating the food but soon enough realised that we should find other solutions to solve the problem of abandoned animals in the longterm. So we’ve decided to support adoptions and push the ligislative changes to make a real difference.

Federica Faiella

Solidarity projects lead

funded a creation of nation-wide dog blood donors database

The idea was to create the most expanded and accessible dog blood donors database in Italy, so that every dog in need could get the blood in case of emergency. The project “Dog Blood Donors” got involved hundreds of veterinarians who helped to involve a lot of people and their animal companions.

More about the project

launched a project to help farmers live peacefully alongside predators

The efforts of farmers to protect their livestock often led to conflicts with a wildlife, sometimes ending in killing of the predators. Almo Nature’s team helped to find and sustain a peaceful solution.

More about the project


Thanks to the 100% of profit from Almo Nature sales we can build sustainable ecosystems that don’t depend on donations and can work and evolve later without external help. It’s not about a one-time effort it’s about giving back efficiently.

Marco Durazzi

communication director

becomes a property of animals

A year ago Pier Giovanni Capellino, the founder of Almo Nature, decided to opt out 100% of the company profit to the projects supporting biodiversity and helping stray animals to find their home.

From Jan 1, 2018 Foundation Capellino is in full charge of the projects development and funding. All the profit now serves the purpose to give back. So generally speaking Almo Nature is owned by animals.

How it works

The dual entity

Almo Nature

benefit company

In the first half of 2019 Almo Nature will be transformed into a Benefit company (that is, of social utility). Nothing will change in terms of taxes paid compared to any other company, but this will allow to include in the Articles of Association the objectives of general interest that will align the Company and the Foundation. Almo Nature will continue managing projects involving dogs and cats (A Companion Animal Is For Life, Dog Blood Donors) as well as all communication campaigns.

100% profit (dividents) goes to projects

Capellino Foundation

non-profit organisation

By statute, the Foundation will not distribute money to rain or participate in projects that do not have, starting from the local, an international extension that has as its object the defense of dogs, cats and the protection of biodiversity. The Foundation will be responsible for managing biodiversity conservation projects (Farmers & Predators, Regenerating Villa Fortuna and, since 2020, the project for the safeguard of great records).

More about Fondazione Capellino

With the headquarters in Genoa Almo Nature opened smaller offices in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States of America. At this point it has become a benchmark and knowledge center for innovation in the industry.

48% all'estero

52% en Italie

  • 9 local offices

  • 39 countries official distribution area

Countries with subsidiaries

Almo Nature has a Corporate Governance based on the single tiered board system: the company is governed by the Board of Directors and the supervisory functions is entrusted by a Management Audit Committee, elected within the Board of Directors.

Organization Chart

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