Nutrition from your cat’s point of view

Our physical and mental well-being is directly linked to what we eat. For your cat it’s even more important than for you.  The food forms the basis of their physical and emotional state.

In wild nature your cat would hunt = choose what to eat. Feel what it actually needs and get it. Living with people in the house your cat has to rely on human choice, so that’s your responsibility now.

To understand your cat’s needs and give the best possible care you need to look at this from cat’s point of view.

4 steps to choose the right one

  • 1.High quality proteins

  • 2.Wet + dry combination

  • 3.Rotation of flavours

  • 4.Individual needs

  • Solution

1. High quality animal proteins

Cats are obligatory carnivors or true carnivors. They need a consistenly high rate of animal protein in their diet. The high-quality animal proteins that can be only found in real meat right now.

How do you guarantee the high quality of animal proteins?

One of those labels means you can be sure about that.

  • Fresh meat and fish

    The products that contain fresh meat or fish are much closer to the natural diet of the cats in wild nature. Fresh meat or fish from reliable sources not only provides high quality animal proteins to your cat but is also rich in taste.

  • HFC meat and fish

    HFC label means that the ingredients used in this cat food were originally fit for human consumption. So you can be certain about the origin of ingredients and be sure about which part of the animal have been used.

2.Wet Dry combination

For balanced diet we recommend rotating between 60% wet food and 40% dry food — it’s the most balanced proportion of nutrients combination and liquids.

60% of wet food

Wet food is essential for a cat’s daily diet, because the usual cat is not a big drinker. It helps them stay hydrated and it reduces the risk of urinary diseases.

40% of dry food

Dry food is also important, since it’s full of nutrients — it is a complete cat food inriched with vitamins. Kibble also provides cats with the opportunity to eat several small portions throughout the day — and that is the most natural behaviour for them. It helps mastication and supports their dental health.

3. Rotation of different
flavours balance of nutrients



In wild nature cats hunt for rodents, birds, lizards and other small creatures including insects. They also get fiber from grass and various plants.

Alternate between different types of meat and fish in recipes to give your cat the maximum variety of important nutrients.






4. Attention to individual needs

The cats of different ages, breeds, tempers and states of health have different needs and priorities in their diet.

There are a lot of things to consider there, so pay attention to the quality and volume of the ingredients and choose special formulas if your cat has some specific needs.

  • Kittens

    Kittens need higher protein and fat content than adults. The formulas for kittens have more specific intake of minerals and vitamins because of demanding needs of their rapidly growing organism.

    • Kitten

  • Pregnant and nursing cats

    Pregnant and nursing cats need elevated levels of protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus. We recommend to switch your pregnant cat to a kitten formula and continue this until the kittens are weaned.

    • Kitten

  • Adult cats

    Adult cats need meat-based diet with less energy (proteins) than kittens. The volume of their portions should depend on their size and energy output. Outdoor cats may need more calories than less active indoor cats. Some adult cats need specific formulas depending on their sensitivities.

    • Maintenance

    • Digestive help

    • Anti-hairball

    • Urinary help

  • Сats after neutering

    After neutering the mature cat's daily caloric needs drop by approximately 30%. So they need special formulas for weight control while keeping enough vitamins in their food. Plus low magnesium is important for their urinary health.

    • Sterilised

  • Senior cats

    Seniors need more fiber for stimulating their intestine and a specific combination of vitamins that support the work of their kidneys and liver.

    • Senior

  • Kitten

  • Maintenance

  • Digestive help

  • Anti-hairball

  • Urinary help

  • Sterilised

  • Senior

5. The solution:
wet HFC dry Holistic

  • ingredients originally fit for human consumption and now used in our cat food

  • guarantees high quality of animal proteins

  • no single trace of meat or fish meal, or dehydrated meat or fish

  • a variety of flavours with rich meat juices means not only different sources of animal protein but high palatability which is a must for cats

  • HFC wet products cooked in their own broth help to keep your cat hydrated in a natural way

  • kibble with fresh meat or fish as the #1 ingredient

  • a complete meal, enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients

  • created with Holistic approach: a sufficient amount of animal proteins and the required daily nutrients in a highly digestible form

  • specially designed formulas for every cat’s need — from Maintenance to Urinary Help

Balanced bundles for your cat

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Take this promocode with you to the local shop in your area and get the special deal. The offer is valid until the end of April.

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