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Owned by the animals

Almo Nature is a unique combination of three things

  • Quality pet food

    We produce natural and innovative pet food for cats and dogs using high quality ingredients

  • Purpose focus

    100% of Almo Nature profit goes to projects helping nature. We are the first and only economic-social model: a foundation that owns a company

  • Our giveback

    We protect dogs, cats and biodiversity through projects with real, measurable results

- dry food with two very special ingredients

Feed your companion animal with high quality food.

Almo Nature was the first company to introduce animal food with ingredients originally fit for human consumption to the market.

Today using only natural ingredients, Almo Nature offers unique product groups (HFC, BioOrganic, Holistic and Daily) to its customers, with the HFC line remaining its premium choice.

  • HFC recipes guarantee the best and healthiest quality available today. Almo Nature HFC is unique — meat or fish ingridients are originally fit for human conumption and now used for our petfood. An absolute innovation.

  • When you buy Almo Nature, you become a part of the movement that supports nature.


Only fresh for your animal companion

Choose fresh meat or fish as the first ingredient in your cat kibble!

  • For your cat

    100% natural ingredients, no chemical additives, no artificial flavours, no GMO.

    Explore cat food
  • For your dog

    First meat food for your dog! High quality ingredients for a tasty, natural and balanced meal.

    Explore dog food

A new company model — 100% for nature, forever!

  • 1 You buy high quality food for your companion animal from a social- economical company
  • 2 100% of profit goes to projects supporting nature
  • 3 Thanks to full transparency you see real results

We need a new pact with animals and nature



Support the balance

1 year ago Pier Giovanni Capellino, the founder of Almo Nature, decided to become the pioneer of the change and opt out 100% of the profit to the projects.

Foundation Capellino is in full charge of the projects development and funding.

Find out more

We want to make every action work for the main goal

All our steps are leading to creation of a new ecosystem, where people are highly motivated to live in balance with nature and have enough economical resources to do that. So the best outcome could become a sustainable result, not a one-time effort.

This is what we aim to do with our projects.

As a community

  • Find out the problem

  • Analyze the bottom reasons

  • Weigh possible solutions

  • Test the best ideas and evaluate

  • Give the tool and help to implement

  • Make sure that the solution doesn’t need our control and move on to another project

What you can do to help

Some people think they can't do anything significant to help nature and save the wildlife on this planet. Seems like you can. Every bit of an effort counts. Here are the key things you can do.

  • Feed your companion animal

    Your companion animal will enjoy a completely natural, high quality meal. And 100& profit of your purchase will go to our projects to protect cats, dogs and biodiversity

    • When you buy food for your companion animal, the profit goes to nature

    • It helps homeless cats, dogs, wild animals and the efforts of restoring the land

    • Through projects we find new natural ways to protect animals and biodiversity

  • Share the idea with other people

    Follow us on social networks and share project news and stories with your friends and followers. Every share is important. Every purchase gives a chance to another animal

    • Wild animals get a real chance at living peacefully alongside people

    • More homeless animals find their family and home

    • More people know that they can help animals

  • Give your voice to nature

    Join us and we'll tell you when your voice is needed for causes like changing legislation for protecting animals: through voting on petitions and surveys

    • Human attitude to animals changes to more humane

    • Less cruelty, more life and love in the world

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